Dance Through It: Warm Reviews

I was moved to tears to hear this.  It just made all the work worth it instantly.  THIS is exactly why I felt compelled to write the book Dance Through It:

“I have read your book at least 4 times since saturday.It is on my bedside table (note – she printed out the ebook)  and I just can’t help but to be drawn to it…and every time I read it,I gather more.Thank you again.I am excited to have a forum to discuss all that was brought up in your book,as it resonates so deeply inside of me.I do not have very many people,if any to share these thoughts with and for a lot of my life I have felt a little ‘too out there’ for people…knowing that there is at least one person out there…it has given me fuel.”

“I am just so filled with gratitude in my heart for you. You have done so much for me, I don’t think you will ever know”

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  1. Dear Cami “E” lizabeth…lol…

    Please allow me to share my thoughts concerning your incredible book, Dance Through it… Wow, I sincerely want to say sooo much now that I have “listened” to your Life’s voyage thus far. Your book is a reflection of YOU Cami, Beautiful, Giving and of Truth in every way… And, confirms even more of what I saw and felt meeting you for the first time a few weeks ago here at Internet Centralroomba, San Felipe!
    All during the time I was reading, listening and feeling your book, I thought, did Cami write this for me??? Oh do we have to talk sistah!!! But, for now, please let me share this as one of the many things I kept thinking about as I was dancing through it. And this was “conscious parenting” and how it relates to the responsibility we have when our kidlets choose us for being their parents… What an honor, as we really are a product of the environment in which we have chosen to reside…

    Sooo, here we go…

    Here is a formula for being a “conscious parent” or rather a “genetic engineer” , it is simple…

    A. Read… “Dance Through It”… prior to “the act of conception”
    B. Love… Love yourself and your child with all your heart inside
    and outside the womb knowing that your child from the
    moment of conception to approximately 12 years of age
    has been observing/feeling EVERYTHING she/he hears,
    sees, feels, etc., as TRUTH…
    C. Give… Your child Cami’s book… it is the “gift that never stops giving”.

    Thank You Cami for being such a blessing in my life…

    Love and Hugs,
    Dr. Victor J Wedel
    epigenetic and signal transduction medicine…

    • Victor,
      How exciting to meet someone with your interests and background here – and a very interesting conversation I’m sure we’ll continue. You’re right, it’s an honor our children choose us and living up to the level of love that is inherently demanded by (b) in your formula above is a goal that we can only approach over lifetimes.

      Que la vaya bien –

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