Craniosacral Therapy & Bodywork

“I haven’t been able to move my jaw like this for 10 years!   This is incredible!!” 

“That’s the best craniosacral I’ve had in a very long time…”

“Seriously , my feet are usually the worst part of getting up and this morning they were absolutely pain free.  That is some serious voodoo medicine you’re doing there – :)”

“My cramps were gone all week.  How?”

“Hey, I wanted to let you know that my knee hasn’t bothered me again since you worked on it last year.”

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Have you ever experienced a health challenge related to your head, spine, or soft tissues of the body?

Craniosacral therapy is one of the most gentle and powerful tools I’ve ever found.  It is well suited for TMJ and teeth grinding, migraines, post-surgery neuropathy, broken tailbone, misplaced teeth, allergies, sinusitis, chronic ear infections, concussion, ongoing backache, chronic nerve pain, concentration, vertigo, inability to sleep or heal due to nervous system overactivity and misaligned jaw…. All of these can respond beautifully and rapidly to this subtle hands-on therapy.  Even menstrual pain and old recurring injuries can be uplifted by craniosacral.

Craniosacral therapy is usually physically pain-resolving.  It can sometimes be emotionally and spiritually movingstirring up change and a sense of wellbeing within one’s own unique power.   Because of the changes that will continue during the day of the session, I urge you to clear your post-session schedule of taxing activities, drink a lot of water (really :) ), allow a few hours for integration of the work, and create room for a good night’s sleep.
The session is usually an hour, on a massage table or blanketed floor fully clothed. (Later tune-ups for specific, simple issues can be half an hour.) The therapist uses various gentle handholds throughout the body, some standard and some intuitively directed. Some people feel nothing at all but pain relief and a lasting sense of being more centered, some people feel just a little during the session but walk away feeling greatly reduced physical pain or emotional suffering and a sense of wonder, and some people are opened by the sensation of subtle rocking, pulsing, stretching within as the body unwinds and releases old traumas.  While craniosacral is gentle touch, you may feel as if deep tissue work was done.

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Craniosacral is powerful aid to restore balance and re-form structure for:

– rigid backache, chronic neck problems

–  newborns with a swollen skull after a hard birth

– babies with a colicky first year

– children’s emergency care smoothing a knock to the head

– women preparing for a healthy birth

– people seeking wellbeing on hospice care

– gifted or challenged kids who are so tightly wound as to be experiencing body tensions or tics

– wounded healers who have tried everything else

– someone slipping into chronic pain

Craniosacral acts as a catalyst for the body’s own vital healing power, not directing so much as following the needs of the tidal force within.  Relief and healing can continue long after a session, their momentum enhanced by other energetic techniques you can easily employ at home.

(Photos of craniosacral work!)

Workshops available for small groups wanting to learn hands-on home craniosacral and energy techniques.   Please email me at



In addition to craniosacral therapy, there are several other touch modalities I’m glad to have in my toolkit.  These fully clothed bodywork modalities offer different approaches, from subtle and quiet to deep and vigorous work.  I often move from components of one form to another depending on the situation I find in the person before me.

Trigger Point Therapy (deep muscular release) focuses on knots.  Do you have any nagging old injuries that come and go?  Are you having trouble lifting your arm above your shoulder?  Do you have constant tension in your neck and shoulders, and get headaches?   Did you ‘tweak’ your back?  Trigger points are knots that pull on the fascia and muscles of related areas, causing new knots and pain in a different region of the body.   They are why sometimes we injure ourselves lightly (neck twinge during sleep) and it turns into a bigger deal, nagging, hard to pin down and a little wandering.  Many people have saved themselves from unnecessary pain and musculoskeletal surgeries by learning how to work their trigger points effectively and regularly.   When they are the cause of longstanding pain, this work usually brings immediate relief.

White Sands

Release of Myofascial Scarring and Rigidity.   This work involves slow subtle holding and stretching of the myofascial layer of tissue to the point of release, leaving people with more fluid movement, more resilient tissues, and a dramatic sense of having become ‘unbound’ by their usual restrictions.  (Tight hips, ribs, and a growing dowager’s hump relax with this therapy, especially in conjunction with yoga.)

Chi Gung (Chinese medical energy therapy) is direction of qi – energy – in specific qualities and pathways through the Traditional Chinese Medicine model of the body’s energy system.  It is an effective fact of life in today’s China, practiced in the hospitals where people are sent down the hall to them in conjunction with or replacement of ultra-modern western therapies.  We should be so lucky to have this model in the United States –  with non-invasive options offered side by side with emergency heroic western treatment, each used in its best sphere.

Tuina (Chinese medical massage)
is the bodywork component of TCM.  It involves kneading, pressing, rubbing, stretching and rocking the body’s meridians and potent energy points.  This, too, is often practiced in China’s modern hospitals.  Tuina has protocols for everything from the common cold to diabetes, high blood pressure to morning sickness, osteoarthritis to grief.   Tuina sometimes includes application of herbal liniments and cupping, which are both provided to bare skin.

Intuitive Energy Touch is just as it sounds, and the line between this and my other modalities blurs.

Acupressure involves pressing and rubbing the most potent points on the body according to the traditional Chinese energy map of the body.    Some of the points truly seem magical in their health results, and they are easy to learn and self-apply.

  1. Thanks for posting this. This information really helps people that are suffering on arthritis.

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