Herbal Support

August Missoula 072“What the heck was that ointment/salve that you gave me? I put that stuff on and 30 seconds later the spasm and burning calms down.”

“I definitely am interested in getting more of the Healing Salve.  I was told yesterday by my physical therapist that you should market it for post-op patients, she said way better than vitamin E oil.  She was very impressed because of my use on a recent surgical scar and knowing that I have diabetes.  Plus several people that I have given the salve to are very impressed how well it works especially after trying many other things prior. “

“Thanks for such a thorough explanation of treatments. Your knowledge is truly impressive. I wish I had known you before I had my gall bladder removed.” 


Potent plant-powered natural remedies aid earaches and skin wounds, lower cholesterol, soothe nerve pain and anxiety, ease digestion and arthritis….

I’ve seen herbs help people end longstanding infections that haven’t yielded to antibiotics, wean from extraneous meds with less discomfort,  ward off winter cold patterns, stop bad diaper rash cold in one application…

August Missoula 051

Custom blended tinctures, teas, poultices, oils, salves, syrups. lozenges and powders to give comfort for your symptoms, but much more importantly to address the causes of the imbalance.

The goal of most herbal treatment is to work itself out of a job:  to help your body reach sweet homeostasis and keep balance itself rather than propping it up for years by potions and pills.

For initial or complex long-distance consults, Skype is  perfect.  If we are meeting by phone an emailed color photo of your face and tongue is often helpful.  Simple needs can usually be handled through email/phone without a full consult fee.  I love to work with parents who are providing herbal minor first aid to their children and want a little extra guidance. 

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