Central Coast to Sierras, Remington Hot Springs 053If you were to choose only one exercise for the rest of your life to stay strong, fit, supple clear-headed and full of endorphins, there’s no better choice than yoga.

Yoga was a critical part of digging my way out from heavy chronic pain, to a daily sense of great comfort and freedom.  Following a simple yoga practice is the single-most effective and undeniable healing routine anyone can offer themselves: linking breath and body, mind and spirit.

A custom yoga and somatics program quickly changes your structural and chronic issues.  Day by day you can create a new sense of ease, a new function and appearance, a new sense of perspective and grounding.   I often include (hatha) yoga asanas or (kundalini) yoga kriyas in the homework for a session, specific to structural, energetic or organic conditions.Cold Creek 013

  1. OM Gosh! I never knew you had this site! I can hardly wait to sit down and comb thru it!

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