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What’s a long-distance session like?

Sessions follow their own unique course, and I can’t always predict ahead of time what the hour will be like.  I work with whatever issues present themselves on top.
For some people, the situation may call for one hour of energetic tune-up:  for direct energy healing, or teaching you a few techniques for self-healing your own situation, or for sleuthing through the invisible factors in some of the challenges and transformations happening in your life, or for shifting and releasing old trauma and stepping into new patterns.

Others may email details ahead of time, answer my questions, talk on the phone, and possibly send photos of their tongue, face, and relevant issues.   I’ll blend them custom herbal remedies or point them to exactly the remedy to buy online, recommend specific home techniques/yoga/nutrition/supplements, and monitor the situation long-term, modifying course as needed with occasional short, inexpensive or free email and phone conversations.  Clearly, this is for the person who is highly motivated to change their situation through personal effort and just need intuitive herbal and holistic guidance.

If you’re not sure, we can talk for a few minutes for free to see how well we match needs and skills.    Email with your phone number to set up a session and I’ll call you at the scheduled time.    Sessions are $50 an hour, plus the cost of any herbal remedies and shipping, and you can pay online here.  I prefer to schedule long-distance sessions on weekday mornings when possible.

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