Raves & Relief

August Missoula 072

“That’s the best craniosacral I’ve had in a very long time…”
– author and herbalist after experiencing TMJ relief

“You’ve taught me more helpful things in one treatment than I learned from three months in physical therapy for this broken neck. You are a real teacher. I feel better every day since learning the exercises you showed me.”- woman recovering from car accident

“I haven’t been able to move my jaw like this for 10 years!   This is incredible!!” – massage therapist and TMJ sufferer after 15 minute session

August Missoula 117“You brought the swelling down within minutes of touching my knee. And what the heck was that ointment/salve that you gave me? I put that stuff on and 30 seconds later the spasm and burning calms down.” – writer’s agent recovering from knee surgery

“Thank you, for helping facilitate my gifts! My work is becoming more clear to me each moment.” – intuitive, herbalist and herbal entrepreneur

“My wife said if I didn’t lose the nagging habit of clearing my throat, she was about ready to lose a husband. Cami showed me how to brew a tea from a native plant growing in our woods. The relief was immediate. Cost, nothing. Problem solved, priceless. – architectural consultant

“Your suggestions are very helpful, and I have been so inspired by your story. It is incredible to find someone who can help me better understand my son. “ – herbalist and educator

“My headache never did come back. You kept intuitively putting your hands right where I felt like they needed to be next, and that’s how you can tell a good healer.” – community herbalist

“The aches and pains of growing older and some poor habits had started to affect my ability to function. I came to Cami for a yoga routine that would address mobility issues and came away with a whole new outlook. She devised a gentle yoga routine that felt so good, I have continued to follow it every morning for over three years. It gets the kinks out first thing in the morning so I’m not reaching for a pain reliever just to get dressed. Then she taught me to deal with my depression and anxiety through a technique called EFT, an herbal tea and homeopathic remedies. She has empowered me to feel connected to my body and trust my intelligence to find answers.” – teacher and historian

Herbal Remedies“I didn’t really have a clue what I was in for…Cami laid her hands on my back as I stood…she moved my sternum pain around with her energy and maybe mine? I couldn’t feel it but she could. Right when it was about to leave my body she said here it comes…and man I could feel a small pain going out of my left foot. .It was incredible! I haven’t had the pain since! Only thing I really want to say to new customers on her behalf is…I’d drive from Tennessee to see her again! “ – pharmaceutical rep

“Your salve works better than anything we’ve found for infection or diaper rash.” – Amish midwife

“Thanks for such a thorough explanation of treatments. Your knowledge is truly impressive. I wish I had known you before I had my gall bladder removed.” – disaster recovery specialist

“Three things were remarkable this morning.  I slept like the dead last night – much, much deeper than I normally do.  My knees still hurt this morning but not as much as they usually do.  My feet didn’t hurt at all!!!  I was all the way to the kitchen before I realized something was missing — pain!  Seriously , my feet are usually the worst part of getting up and this morning they were absolutely pain free.  That is some serious voodoo medicine you’re doing there – :) ”  — accountant  after first appointment

“I have no idea what that was you just did, but I’m a big believer.  I have never been so relaxed in my entire life.  I feel…  different.  What on earth was that?”

“I definitely am interested in getting more of the Healing Salve.  I was told yesterday by my physical therapist that you should market it for post-op patients, she said way better than vitamin E oil.  She was very impressed because of my use on a recent surgical scar and knowing that I have diabetes.  Plus several people that I have given the salve to are very impressed how well it works especially after trying many other things prior. ”

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