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About Us

I began my career in healthcare over 20 years ago in physical therapy. I quickly became interested in core stabilization programs becoming a professional pilates instructor in 2003. My interest in women’s health issues continued with further education in myofascial release, craniosacral therapy and pelvic floor dysfunction. While living in the Caribbean, I contracted Dengue Fever, Hemorrhagic Dengue fever and subsequently hemorrhagic shock. It was this life changing illness that lead me down the path of Oriental Medicine. I found Western Medicine falling short in restoring my health and recovery. I was lead to an oriental physician who quickly turned my life around. I was forever grateful and inspired to learn and share techniques to recovering health and wellness pursuing a degree to become an Oriental Medicine physician. It is this passion for recovery, health and the overall joy of wellness that I look forward to sharing with each patient. Together we can optimize your health.

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